Double your support for Freshwater TODAY

Put your money where your values are.

Today supporters of the Freshwater Society and all the work it does to fight pollution and ensure the sustainability of water can contribute to Freshwater and double the impact of their donations.


Board members and the staff of Freshwater have contributed $1,500 to match the first $1,500 of other donations. The occcasion is the second annual “Give to the Max Day,” sponsored by, an on-line donation site for nonprofits. Since last year, GiveMN has helped thousands of Minnesota organizations raise more than $19 million.

Please make your donation today — until midnight Tuesday. To contribute,  go to, search for Freshwater Society and make your donation. Or just go to the GiveMN contribution sign-up box at the right of this article. Hourly drawings could further increase the value of your donation to Freshwater.

Charities of all sorts will be seeking your support. Give serious thought to the importance of water in all our lives and the vital necessity of conserving and protecting it for our children and grandchildren. Think about all of the Freshwater Society’s activies in support of water: our annual symposium on chloride pollution and road salt, the provocative lectures we are sponsoring, the work we have done with the University of Minnesota on groundwater sustainability, the Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality we are sponsoring with the Friends of the Minnesota Valley and the conference we hosted with the Izaak Walton League on agricultural drainage and water quality. Then please give generously to the Freshwater Society.

Here’s a tip for perhaps dramatically expanding the value of your donation: GiveMN will randomly select a nonprofit every hour for a $1,000 prize; consider making your donation at odd hours. There also are $20,000 and $10,000 prizes for the nonprofits that attract the most individual givers.

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