Earth Day 2012 is coming Sunday, April 22

Earth Day is coming Sunday, April 22. Get out and savor the land and waters all around you. Take part in some of the many activities that will celebrate the day and involve people across the world in protecting our planet.

earthdayThis is the 42nd anniversary of the first Earth Day. On that day in 1970, some 20 million people took part in teach-ins that addressed decades of environmental pollution. The event, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, helped inspired the US Congress to pass clean air and clean water acts, and to establish the EPA to research and monitor environmental issues and enforce environmental laws.

Learn more about the observance from the EPA,  including a calendar of events across the country, and get details on the EPA’s Environment in a Day Photo Project. Check out a partial list of Twin Cities Earth Day events, many of them on Saturday, at about.comMinneapolis/St. Paul. Join a trash clean-up in a Minneapolis park on Saturday morning. If you live in the Sauk Rapids area, join a Saturday clean-up of Lions Sunset Park.

Read an Earth Day feature on the Freshwater Society published by the Plymouth Patch on-line news outlet.

Read about how you and your group — neighborhood associations, scout troops, congregations etc. — can get help from Freshwater in organizing a Community Clean-Up for Water Quality that will fight water pollution in lakes and rivers.

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