Sources of Minnesota drinking water

Where do Minnesotans get their drinking water?

Most get it from wells.

But residents of Minneapolis, St. Paul and St. Cloud rely — for the most part — on the Mississippi River. And number of close-in suburbs buy water from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Rresidents of Duluth and many North Shore communties rely on Lake Superior.

Although most of St. Paul’s water comes from the Mississippi, the St. Paul water utility also uses wells for some water.

Here is how the Minnesota Health Department estimates drinking water sources:
1.3 million Minnesotans — 25 percent of the population — get their drinking water from community water systems that rely on surface water.
2.7 million — 52 percent — get drinking water from public water systems that rely on wells.
1.2 million — 23 percent — get drinking water from private wells.
To see a graphic break-down of the Health Department’s estimates, click here.

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