Interview with Our Intern

IMG_0624[1]Talk about how water is important to your life- share a story, experience, etc.:

Growing up in Minnesota, I was always spoiled with the amount of lakes and rivers we have available to us. Every fall my dad and I would go camping in the Boundary Waters. Our summers were spent either on the water or alongside it, sun tanning or playing beach volleyball. Living in Colorado has shown me a completely different side of the spectrum, where the concern is now with the severe drought and forest fires. I now know that I want to pursue a career in water quality.

 How do you envision working for water in the future?

After college I hope to go to graduate school for water resource science and eventually work with private or public entities in helping to maintain, preserve and protect our water habitats for future generations. Being able to spend my summer interning with the Freshwater Society will help me gain invaluable knowledge towards my career goals.

Why do you think the Chloride Reduction and Outreach Program is important?

This program is important because the public is unaware of chloride pollution, even though we already have several impaired water bodies in the Twin Cities area. Taking a proactive approach may be the only way to prevent pollution in other parts of Minnesota. Water quality is a major issue because it affects everyone!

Tell us about you- fun facts, favorite things, etc….  Where do you go to school?  What are you studying?

I go to school at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, where I am studying Environmental Geology with a minor in Chemistry. I also play Division 2 lacrosse for the Skyhawks at attack position. I love to cook, snowboard and go on hikes with my dog, Hurley. I have one older sister who lives in Jackson, MN, and a three year old nephew named Aiden. I am also a future aunt to a baby girl that will be joining us in October!


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