Summer Water Conservation

Conserve Water during the Summer Heat!

  • Watering early in the morning is the best time to reduce evaporation.
  • Remember less is more-  More harm is caused to our plants and grass from over-watering than from under-watering.  Be conservative and add more water if plants begin to look stressed.
  • Mulch protects the soil and improves water infiltration and keeps roots cool and require less water.
  • If you have an irrigation system, be sure to install a rain sensor on your controller so your system doesn’t run when it’s raining.
  • If you don’t have native, perennial plants in your flower garden, now many are at their peak.  Take some time to admire them on the landscape, take photos and plan your native plant garden for next year.  Once established, native plants are easy to maintain and are also water-efficient!
  • Stop runoff and keep as much rain on your land as possible.
  • Catch rain using rain barrels for future watering.
  • Consider reducing the amount of your pervious landscape.  There are many attractive  impervious types of pavers – or use turf or ground cover plants. 
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