MNDOT Environmental Leadership Award

2015 Environmental Leadership Award Recipients
14th Annual Road Salt Symposium
February 5, 2015

MnDOT : Improving Salt Storage and Handling through Partnership
Joe Huneke, Kathy Schaefer, Sue Lodahl, Bob Vasek and Tara Carson

MnDOT’s Office of Maintenance and Office of Environmental Stewardship have created a strong partnership, which increases communication and financial effectiveness, and encourages creative approaches toward using road salt efficiently. These offices combined forces through a task force to search for gaps in understanding and/or a lack of tools and resources.

The goal was to increase compliance for proper salt storage and handling techniques. Representatives from both offices toured the state to conduct salt storage and handling trainings in each District, created a guidance document for salt storage areas, and continue to look for best management practices for maintenance staff to protect their salt storage areas.

Good housekeeping includes implementing regular inspections, making repairs promptly, protecting piles at shed openings, loading under cover, and sweeping up spills promptly. Good storage facility design—and proper use of the facility as designed—not only prevent salt contamination but also prevent building corrosion.

By focusing efforts on the main points of vulnerability for salt contami¬nation from salt storage and handling activities, MnDOT reduces salt contamination and protects their stockpiles. In particular, it’s important to prevent stormwater from mixing with rock salt and washing into storm sewer systems or nearby grassy areas. Emphasis on prevention is essential with chlorides.

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