How did Minnesota melt 12,000 years ago?

The link at the bottom of this post will take you to a phenomenal article from the NY Times on researchers observing the melting of Greenland’s ice cap. You owe it to yourself to view it on a full-size monitor instead of squinting at your phone. Scrolling down and back up the article is worth ten minutes of your day.

They’ve spliced in drone video, photos, and satellite imagery in a seamless look at how a very thick chunk of ice goes away. Looking at the landscape and the micro-melt patterns made me think about how Minnesota must have looked as our glacial history was unfolding.

We don’t specialize in climate change work here at Freshwater, but we do appreciate how new perspectives help propel along innovative solutions to the problems we face. View this link and see how a number of little changes spread across a landscape can have a large cumulative effect.

New York Times Article

–   Steve Woods