McKnight Foundation awards $200,000 grant

by Mary Salisbury, development officer

The McKnight Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for present and future generations. They’ve been a long-time grantor to Freshwater, investing in our work for clean and healthy water in our region. Safe and reliable water is critical to our daily lives here in Minnesota.

Our history with McKnight runs deep. They were one of our original funders in the 60s when we first formed. They were part of a group of individuals and institutions that banded together to build a freshwater research laboratory in Navarre, a legacy that lives on today in our continuing work to educate and inform citizens across the state.

Fifty years later, they have awarded Freshwater $200,000 for two years of work to improve water quality and quantity within the Minnesota River watershed. The work spans policy, watersheds, and local projects. We look forward to bringing you the stories of this work in the months to come.

Join us in thanking McKnight for improving life for us all.