Water Stewards expand and adapt statewide

Freshwater’s Water Steward program continues to expand to new areas and audiences in 2019! Winona County hosted a new group of stewards at Whitewater State Park in March and April who are now poised to begin working on capstone projects and help the county with their work for water. The group came together for special sessions to explore the unique water issues present in the Karst landscape, as well as the challenges they share with those working for water throughout the state. Watch for more Master Water Steward certification trainings in greater Minnesota!

The Water Steward program is also collaborating with Mississippi Watershed Management Organization and Water Bar & Public Studio to share expertise in environmental education and public engagement over water issues. There is a clear desire and need for education and engagement strategies that relate to people on a variety of social and cultural levels as well as connect to the communities we serve through art and conversation.

Part of the program includes continuing education for stewards who want to expand their water knowledge or focus more deeply on a specific topic area. Minnesota GreenCorps member B Lauer organized and facilitated a chloride pollutant workshop in April alongside Nine Mile Creek Watershed District and the Stop Over Salting group. The Water Stewards who attended participated in a chloride testing experiment to see how fast a gallon of water can become polluted with just a small amount of salt. PSA: 1 Tsp of salt permanently pollutes five gallons of water!

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