Imagine a Day Without Water

Oct. 20, 2021—[St. Paul, Minnesota]—Tomorrow, Freshwater joins elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators, and businesses from across the country as part of the seventh annual Imagine a Day Without Water, a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water.

Led by the Value of Water Campaign, over a thousand organizations across the country will join Imagine a Day Without Water on Oct. 21, 2021, to raise awareness about the role of water infrastructure in our lives and the importance of investment. The focus of this year’s event is to invite people to learn more about where our water comes from and where our wastewater goes.

Freshwater will bring awareness of this important day with a blog post from its executive director about how people can value and appreciate the water we have—and the water we need to keep clean for the future. Freshwater’s social media will celebrate water with fun water posts throughout the day as a way to keep the power and connectedness of water at the top of people’s minds.

“Freshwater is proud to join the many organizations across the U.S. focusing on our aging community water systems and how they are impacted by climate change,” said Freshwater Executive Director John Linc Stine. “We work every day to translate science into policy and action, and public awareness about climate resiliency for water infrastructure is key to that work.”

“We’re grateful to Freshwater for being a part of this year’s Imagine a Day Without Water,” said Oluwole (OJ) McFoy, Board chair of the U.S. Water Alliance. “Raising awareness about the state of water infrastructure is a crucial step to ensuring water systems keep flowing for generations to come. Even though we cannot see the pipes and sewers beneath our feet, water cannot be taken for granted. High-quality water service is a critical part of every thriving community. Today we encourage everyone to take a minute to learn more about their local water system, where their drinking water comes from and where their wastewater goes.”

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Freshwater’s mission is to inspire and empower people to value and preserve our freshwater resources. Since 1968, Freshwater has been a leading public nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving freshwater resources, their surrounding watersheds, and drinking water. For more information, please visit To see other press releases, visit

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John Linc Stine, executive director,

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Imagine a Day Without Water began in 2015 as a project of The Value of Water Campaign. In 2021, more than 1,000 organizations signed up to participate in the annual day of advocacy and education.

The Value of Water Campaign educates and inspires the nation about how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment. Spearheaded by top leaders in the water industry, the Value of Water Campaign is building public and political will for investment in America’s water infrastructure. Follow the Value of Water Campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

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