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"Why is it raining plastics?" Free virtual public lecture on microplastics on April 13
Feb. 28, 2022

St. Paul, Minnesota—Freshwater and the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences are cohosting a free online lecture open to the public on Wednesday, April 13, from 12–1:30 pm.

The public is invited the Moos Family Speaker Series on Water Resources. This event focuses on microplastic waste.

The featured speaker is Dr. Janice Brahney, an associate professor at Utah State University who holds a doctorate in environmental biogeochemistry, a master’s degree in earth science, and a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. Her research sits at the intersection of atmosphere and earth, focusing on how the atmosphere is a pathway for materials to enter surface waters, as well as the cause, effect, and mitigation of water quality impairment.

Much of Brahney’s work has produced results with far-reaching implications for policy, land-use regulation, and ecosystem monitoring. Her research has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific American, and NPR, and she has been a guest on several podcasts including Big Picture Science and Quirks and Quarks.

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Event details (registration coming soon)

Freshwater mourns the passing of Darby Nelson
Jan. 19, 2021

Photo of the people featured in this story

St. Paul, Minnesota—We were deeply saddened to hear of Darby Nelson's passing on Jan. 13. Darby and his life and paddling partner, Geri, have had a strong impact on Freshwater over the years. They founded our present-day internship program and share a deep passion for the health of our lakes and rivers.

Darby was a board member for a multitude of organizations including Freshwater and an incredible philanthropist. He was a teacher of biology and environmental science at Anoka Ramsey Community College for 35 years and earned the first ecology Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1970. He served three terms in the Minnesota House of Representatives, passing a multitude of laws for environmental protections. He was a prolific writer, publishing two award-winning books (For Love of Lakes, and For Love of a River—The Minnesota); an avid cross-country skier; and father to two children and grandfather to five.

Thank you, Darby, for being a friend to Freshwater.

Learn more about Darby and read stories from his remarkable life here:
Freshwater member spotlight on Darby and Geri.
Darby's obituary in the Star Tribune.
Darby's website.

Free virtual lecture series on water and the environment
Oct. 25, 2021

St. Paul, Minnesota—The public is invited the Moos Family Speaker Series on Water Resources for an event of influential experts presenting the latest research on timely and important issues.

Deborah McGregor—who holds a doctorate in forestry, a master's degree in environmental studies, and a bachelor of science in psychology—will give a talk titled “Indigenous participation in Great Lakes governance: an environmental justice perspective.” McGregor’s research has focused on Indigenous knowledge systems and their various applications in diverse contexts including environmental and water governance, environmental justice, health and environment, climate change and Indigenous legal traditions. Read more

Freshwater participates in Imagine a Day Without Water
Oct. 20, 2021

St. Paul, MN—Tomorrow, Freshwater joins elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators, and businesses from across the country as part of the seventh annual Imagine a Day Without Water, a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water.

Led by the Value of Water Campaign, over a thousand organizations across the country will join Imagine a Day Without Water on Oct. 21, 2021, to raise awareness about the role of water infrastructure in our lives and the importance of investment. The focus of this year’s event is to invite people to learn more about where our water comes from and where our wastewater goes. Read more

Eighth Annual Big Island & Back 10K is Aug. 7
July 8, 2021

St. Paul, MN—Freshwater’s eighth annual Big Island & Back! 10K Paddle will take place on Saturday, August 7, 2021 starting at 9 am. Tune up your canoe, kayak, or paddleboard and head on over to Excelsior on Saturday, Aug. 7, for a friendly race out around Big Island and back. The race will start near the swim area at Excelsior Beach Park. Freshwater’s goal is to get paddlers of all ages and skill levels out on Lake Minnetonka for a great community summer event and raise money for a couple of worthy causes. Read more

Water storage program included in final environment deal
June 25, 2021

placid lake

St. Paul, MN—“Freshwater’s work in St. Paul has led to bipartisan support for a state water storage program, particularly targeted to the Minnesota River Basin,” said Freshwater’s Executive Director John Linc Stine. “The work on the ground in the basin gave us the tools we needed to get this over the line at the Capitol.”

After weeks of negotiation, the Minnesota Legislature has reached an agreement on a budget and policy changes for Minnesota’s environmental agencies, as well as the 2020 and 2021 LCCMR bills. Read more

Water storage, environment policies hanging in the balance
May 7, 2021

St. Paul, MN—As the Minnesota Legislature heads into the final stretch of the 2021 legislative session, millions of dollars for environment and natural resources spending and issues that have bipartisan support hangs in the balance due to negotiations on the Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus bill. While negotiations are normal part of the legislative process, there are a significant number of differences between the House and Senate bills that threaten to derail issues that have broad support. Read more

Taking a closer look at Mississippi River plastic pollution 
April 2021

Local artist and MWS Art for Water participant, Presley Martin, creates art with materials found in the water and along the shores of the Mississippi River. What he learned in the Art for Water program inspired him to create a Field Guide to Plastic of the Mississippi River. Read his story.

Banking Groundwater: A Study Examining Aquifer Storage and Recovery for Groundwater Sustainability in Minnesota
March 2021

Nearly 75% of Minnesotans rely on groundwater for their water supply, but that supply can become strained as population grows, land-use changes, and climate change affects precipitation and groundwater use and recharge. These factors mean that many in the state could find groundwater in increasingly short supply in the coming decades— an issue some already face now.

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Dr. Carrie Jennings featured on the Wise Traditions podcast episode 295: What's Up With Our Water? 
February 2021

Carrie explains how antibiotic use on farms and residue from anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, and other pharmaceutical drugs end up contaminating our waters. She goes over the worst toxins, dubbed “forever chemicals,” and discusses how to avoid them when making purchases. And she offers suggestions for what each of us can do to protect the quality of our water for our own health and the sake of everyone in our local community.

Click the image below to hear or read her interview.

Moving Upstream
December 2020

Learn about Freshwater's work at the State Capitol and hear from special guests including The Honorable Tina Smith, United States Senator, Paul Gardner, Clean Water Council Administrator, Representative Paul Torkelson, R-Hanska, and Representative Peter Fischer, D-Maplewood.

Art for Water
November 2020

Meet some of the artists in Freshwater's Art for Water program and see how they are using the power of art to inspire action for clean water.

Dr. Carrie Jennings on Soil Stories with Nic and Leanna
March 2020

Carrie talks about continental glaciation, and the effects it had on the landscapes and soil parent materials in the state of Minnesota. Click below to listen.

Weatherguide Calendars in Mahtomedi Public Schools
January 2020

Dr. Carrie Jennings discusses what to do about flooding and sedimentation in the Minnesota River Basin
November 2019

Dr. Carrie Jennings discusses our changing planet and how it affects flooding
October 2018

Carrie talks about how our practices on the land are changing the way rivers behave - and demonstrates paddling her own handmade coracle!

Dr. Carrie Jennings tells a brief story of a rather exciting canoe trip on Minnesota River
Listen here

Dr. Carrie Jennings talks about the coolest creatures on the river
June 2012

Dr. Carrie Jennings discusses the top water quality concerns in the Minnesota River Basin
June 2012

Dr. Carrie Jennings discusses a memorable moment in the Minnesota River Basin
June 2012

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