Master Water Stewards

Protecting water at a community level

Since Freshwater developed the Master Water Stewards program in 2013, 342 Stewards have been certified and are volunteering their time for watershed districts, cities, and environmental groups; participating on city and local government boards; influencing policy; and improving the health of our waters. To date, they have:

  • Connected with thousands of people through outreach and educational events
  • Installed or planned more than 100 projects, including rain gardens, rain barrels, cisterns, a dry creek bed, and a permeable driveway
  • Prevented millions gallons of polluted stormwater runoff from entering our lakes, rivers, and streams each year!

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Alex Van Loh

I hope through conversation and creating connections within my community I will find more sense of belonging
and strengthen the commonalities between us all.

-- Samantha