2014 legislative roundup

Early this year, as the 2014 Legislature was coming into session, it didn’t seem that much new law on water was likely to be enacted or much new spending likely to be approved. That turned out to be wrong. In lots of different ways, lawmakers set new policy and appropriated new money for groundwater and … Read more 2014 legislative roundup

Cover crops work, users say

Cover crops – typically grasses sowed into corn and soybean fields after the fall harvest – could reduce nitrogen losses to Minnesota streams and rivers by 10 percent if the cover crops were widely adopted by farmers across the state, a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency report estimated in late June. Read an agriculture.com report on … Read more Cover crops work, users say

Major report documents extent of Minnesota nitrate pollution

Nitrate  – much of it from fertilizers applied to farmland – pollutes many Minnesota rivers and streams and contributes to the oxygen-depleted “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico, a new report from the state’s Pollution Control Agency concludes. Excess nitrate is toxic to fish and the aquatic life food chain and potentially harmful to … Read more Major report documents extent of Minnesota nitrate pollution