MPCA seeks comment on sediment strategy

In a year with average rainfall, about 1 million tons of sediment – soil and organic matter such as algae and leaf fragments — floats down the Minnesota River. All that sediment joins another 200,000 or so tons from the upper Mississippi and St. Croix rivers and eventually flows into Lake Pepin below Red Wing. … Read more

Bighead carp netted in Lake Pepin

A 47-pound bighead carp was caught in a seine net by commercial fishermen on Nov. 16, in Lake Pepin near Frontenac,  the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced on Nov. 21. Bighead carp, members of the Asian carp family, are nonnative species that can cause serious ecological problems as they spread into new waters. While … Read more

Sediment, Asian carp and a Legacy forum

The Freshwater Society blog publishes a digest of important regional, national and international articles and research on water and the environment. Scan the articles here, then follow the links to read the articles in their entirety where they originally were published.    You are reading this blog. Thanks. Maybe you knew of its existence and … Read more