Nutrient strategy hearings

Do you have questions you want to ask, or comments you want to make, about the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s draft strategy for reducing nitrogen and phosphorus in the Mississippi and Red rivers? The strategy calls for wringing a 20 percent reduction out of the more than 250 million pounds of nitrogen that Minnesota sends … Read more

Nitrate in Mississippi up 55% over 30 years

Continuing research on the amount of nitrate washing down the Mississippi River south of the Minnesota border shows a very significant increase in the yearly loads of the pollutant from 1980 through 2010. But the latest U.S. Geological Survey analysis of the three decades of water sampling results now shows a reduction in the average … Read more

Nitrates linger decades in cropland soil

A 30-year study of nitrogen fertilizer use in France suggests that nitrate from the fertilizer lingers in the soil for decades and is likely to continue both being taken up by plants and leaking into groundwater for decades to come. The research was published Oct. 21 in the online edition of the Proceedings of the … Read more

Scott County's Credit River off 'impaired' list

Scott County’s Credit River gets cleaner  John Hensel, who oversees all of the metro area’s watersheds for the state of Minnesota, had brought a camera along to remember this by. On the riverbank he peered down into the flashing current and said, “It looks spring-fed!” Apparently it didn’t look quite that clear a few years ago. … Read more

The Gulf spill, Chesapeake Bay and nitrates

Each week, the Freshwater Society publishes a digest of important regional, national and international articles on water and the environment. Scan the articles here, then follow the links to read the articles in their entirety where they originally were published. BP manages to capture part of oil spill After more than three weeks of efforts … Read more