Freshwater donates Weatherguide calendars to Minnesota classrooms

Calendars in the Classroom provides Weatherguides to Minnesota schools to enhance science-based instruction

by Connie Lanphear, communications manager
Minnesotans love to talk weather and it’s a topic of conversation in classrooms as well. Freshwater provides Weatherguide calendars to facilitate science-based classroom learning through its Calendars in the Classroom program, in partnership with the Jeffers Foundation.
Also this winter, students in grades 3-8 had a chance to learn more about the science of weather at Big Weather Experience ­– a Science Museum of Minnesota program that included film, hands-on exhibits, and an interactive theater program that demonstrated such weather phenomena as what causes lightning and thunder.
Freshwater donated more than 2,000 Weatherguide Environment calendars to the program, giving students and teachers the opportunity to extend their weather-learning experience into their classrooms and homes. Read more about the Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendar/Almanac.

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