Freshwater Blog: Clean water funding 2016

Minnesota’s Clean Water Council recently announced their recommendations for how sales tax money dedicated to cleaning up and protecting water should be spent. The recommendations for 2016/2017 show a priority for on-the-ground  programs that will directly impact water quality. The Freshwater Society finds a lot to like in the Clean Water Council’s recommendations. Many of … Read more

Clean Water Council report is available

The Minnesota Clean Water Council, which advises the governor and the Legislature on water policy and water spending, has released a preliminary copy of its biennial report to the Legislature. It includes a list of the $185 million in water projects the council recommends be funded over the next two year through the sales tax … Read more

Deadly quake, climate change, plastic jeans

The Freshwater Society blog publishes a digest of important regional, national and international articles and research on water and the environment. Scan the articles here, then follow the links to read the articles in their entirety where they originally were published. Groundwater pumping may have spurred deadly quake Farmers drilling ever deeper wells over decades … Read more

Take a shot at spending $185 million on clean water

If you had $185 million to spend protecting  and cleaning up Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and groundwater, how would you spend it? What projects and what state agencies would you decide are worthy of taxpayer dollars? Which would you conclude are low-priority projects that maybe the state can do without? Here’s your chance to take a … Read more