Jennifer Francis: The Arctic Meltdown and Extreme Weather: How Are They Connected?

Listen to her talk here. Catch her interview with MPR Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner on Climate Cast. And with Sven Sundgaard on KARE 11. On May 9, we hosted Jennifer Francis, Ph.D, research professor with the Rutgers Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, discussing the relationship between extreme weather events and the rapidly warming Arctic. Does … Read more

Iowa city facing challenges downstream of agriculture

Iowa city facing challenges downstream of agriculture Posted November 23, 2015 You’ve probably seen it in the news: Des Moines Water Works is suing three upstream drainage districts over costs to remove nitrates from drinking water. At the root of the lawsuit is who should be responsible for the pollution – those who have to clean … Read more

California: laboratory of desperate water policy

“Let’s manage water like California.”  Can you imagine any Minnesotan saying that? Nope.  But there are things we will be watching and learning as California’s wretched water situation forces overdue political decisions. Their “someday” problem has arrived  and there is no more room for policy makers and agencies to kick the can down the road … Read more

A brief q-and-a with Don Rosenberry

Here is a very quick mini-interview that the Freshwater Society conducted with Don Rosenberry, the U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist who will speak Thursday, June 6, on groundwater-surface water interactions: What’s the main thing you will try to convey in your talk? Lakes aren’t just isolated fish bowls that occupy the lowest parts of Minnesota’s landscape. … Read more