Governor's Water Summit

Mid-January, Governor Dayton announced that his administration will host the Governor’s Water Summit in St. Paul on Saturday, Feb. 27th. Summit registration has closed, but you can still help set the agenda by taking the Governor’s Clean Water Summit Survey . We’re interested in seeing how the governor’s team structures the day and the topics … Read more

Road Salt $hortage

Google “salt shortage” and an array of media stories pop up. MPR’s recent report on the looming road salt shortage and increased prices gives a nice take on the issue. Minnesota is leading the nation with technology, education and tools that allow our winter maintenance departments to do more with less. It’s good timing- we … Read more

Who's Winging it on Groundwater?

Minnesota spends a lot of time agonizing over our water policy and ways to continually make it better.  Our 2013 report on groundwater policy is one such example. It’s not until one sees that California has had next-to-nothing in the way of policies to manage groundwater reserves that you realize there are regions out there just winging it.

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Detroit shuts off water of 100,000 people

Our 2013 report on sustainable use of our groundwater supplies makes several references to having safe accessible sources of water for citizens and industries from power to agriculture. The news and “TedTalks” frequently  bring us stories of people suffering from lack of water.  While Engineers without Borders,  numerous non-profits, and church mission groups dedicate large … Read more

Seeing groundwater from space

Our September 18 Moos lecture will take a look at groundwater supplies from space. (Just think how this would have blown our grandparent’s minds…) The topic has made us a little more attentive to other remote sensing methods looking at water. This one comes from the NASA’s Aquarius aboard the delightfully named Satélite de Aplicaciones … Read more

MPR: Many irrigators lack required permits

Many Minnesota farmers using groundwater to irrigate their crops have failed to apply for and receive permits that state law requires for high-capacity pumping, Minnesota Public Radio reported on Monday, April 7. MPR said evidence indicates that more than 200 of the high-capacity irrigation wells drilled between 2008 and 2012 are being used without the … Read more

DNR seeks groundwater changes

In a new report to the Legislature, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources spells out – in more explicit language than before – shortcomings in the way it permits and regulates groundwater pumping from high-capacity wells. “Our review of water use reports suggests that we are receiving some systematically inaccurate information,” the DNR told lawmakers … Read more

MPR reports on groundwater

Minnesota Public Radio on Wednesday, Jan. 8, begins a time-to-time series of reports on Minnesota groundwater and the challenges to sustainably managing and regulating its use. Environmental reporter Elzabeth Dunbar is leading the project. The first broadcast looks at three new groundwater management areas that the Department of Natural Resources is creating.  MPR is seeking … Read more