It’s complicated

A friend and I took a long walk through Nerstrand Big Woods State Park on the last balmy weekend in December. The 2,884-acre forest straddles Prairie Creek, which is set deeply into farm fields in southeast Minnesota. The oasis of sugar maple, basswood, oak, hickory, aspen, elm, ash, and ironwood trees are a happy accident, … Read more It’s complicated

What it takes to make a difference

The Freshwater Society is in its third year of teaming up with Michelob Golden Light on the Celebrate Your Lake Contest, and it’s been a really great way to see communities in action around the water they love. If you haven’t heard of the contest, check out our webpage for the details – it’s a … Read more What it takes to make a difference

Conserving water — one flush at a time

By Patrick Sweeney I don’t think I ever wasted a lot of water. But since I started working for the Freshwater Society, and started reading and writing about water shortages and water conservation on a regular basis, I’ve become much more conscious about wasting water. Last summer, I decided to incrementally raise the level of … Read more Conserving water — one flush at a time