How did Minnesota melt 12,000 years ago?

The link at the bottom of this post will take you to a phenomenal article from the NY Times on researchers observing the melting of Greenland’s ice cap. You owe it to yourself to view it on a full-size monitor instead of squinting at your phone. Scrolling down and back up the article is worth … Read more

Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the inevitability of future events arriving

We all were warned by the demographers 20 years back that the boomers would stress the social security, pension, housing, and medical systems. Now it’s here. Similarly, rising atmospheric CO2 levels were the subject of a report I did back in the mid-1980s at the Institute of Technology. And here we are. In the water … Read more

Climate, water and food

A warming worldwide climate already has been predicted to significantly cut global production of corn, soybeans, wheat and rice by the end of this century. Now new research suggests food production could be further curtailed by water shortages that would end the irrigation of 50 million to 150 million acres. Read a ScienceDaily  article about the … Read more

Huttner climate lecture is available on video

Did you miss Paul Huttner’s Oct. 1 presentation on climate change in Minnesota? If you missed it, or you want to refer a friend to it, view his talk on video produced and posted by the Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission. Hutter, chief meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio, spoke at an event sponsored by the South … Read more

Huttner talk set Oct. 1 on Minnesota's changing climate

It’s not our imagination. The nature of our seasons is changing. Spring blooms arrive earlier on average. Summer is more humid with a documented increase in extreme localized flash flood events – and more frequent droughts. Fall lingers longer. Lakes freeze up later. Winters are trending shorter and noticeably, measurably milder. New plants are able to thrive in Minnesota’s milder climate. … Read more

Climate imperils fish

Climate change and warming lakes and rivers will produce major changes in freshwater fish populations and their ranges, a new report warns. Download the 34-page report, “Swimming Upstream: Freshwater Fish in a Warming World.” It was produced by the National Wildlife Federation. The report makes a series of recommendations, including minimizing other stress factors for … Read more

Read and comment on climate change forecast

A draft National Climate Assessment that predicts the impact of global warming in the U.S. by 2050 was released last week by a huge team of scientists. A Pioneer Press article on the assessment says it predicts that the frequency of heavy rainfalls will increase in Minnesota, “causing erosion and declining water quality and negatively … Read more

How hot was 2012? Hotter than any year in the record book

Last year – 2012 – was the hottest on record in the United States – a full degree Fahrenheit above the previous record, set in 1998. Read a New York Times article that documents a March heat wave and a drought in the Corn Belt that went along with the record warmth. The Times wrote: … Read more