Master Water Stewards – taking on stormwater, and winning!

Master Water Stewards are growing in numbers and literally stopping stormwater pollution in it’s tracks. They do this all while reaching out to their communities and giving their neighbors the tools to do the same effective work! This year the 2015 stewards are finishing their capstone projects and working with their churches and neighborhood organizations … Read more

Detroit shuts off water of 100,000 people

Our 2013 report on sustainable use of our groundwater supplies makes several references to having safe accessible sources of water for citizens and industries from power to agriculture. The news and “TedTalks” frequently  bring us stories of people suffering from lack of water.  While Engineers without Borders,  numerous non-profits, and church mission groups dedicate large … Read more

Seeing groundwater from space

Our September 18 Moos lecture will take a look at groundwater supplies from space. (Just think how this would have blown our grandparent’s minds…) The topic has made us a little more attentive to other remote sensing methods looking at water. This one comes from the NASA’s Aquarius aboard the delightfully named Satélite de Aplicaciones … Read more

Tips for staying Green this holiday season

Snow and ice removal – Manually remove snow, apply salt sparingly (less is more!) or use an alternative. On the highways, slow down and give road maintenance crews time and space to do their jobs. Green gifting — Volunteer or donate to your favorite charity in someone’s name, cut down on gift lists and give experiences– … Read more