2019 Water Summit Presentations

Plenary Session

Beyond the Choir: building public will for clean, affordable, accessible water
Amy Skoczlas Cole, Managing Director of American Public Media’s Water Main

Calling for A.C.T.I.O.N with people for clean water
John Bilotta, Senior Research and Extension Coordinator

Extension Engaged
Renee Pardello, Assistant Dean University of Minnesota Extension

Keynote Presentation

Engaging People in Collaborative Modeling to Support Adaptive and Resilient Water Resources Management
Dr. Allyson Beall King, Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs, School of the Environment, Washington State University

Stormwater Track

Transforming Central High School
Britta Hansen, PLA, Landscape Architect, Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc.
Julie Marckel, Transforming Central Committee
Nate Zwonitzer, Water Resource Project Manager, Capitol Region Watershed District

Hansen Park Comprehensive Water Management Project

Beth Carreno, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Rice Creek Watershed District
Dennis McAlpine, CE, Project Manager, Houston Engineering, Inc.

Waste to Utility: Harnessing Stormwater in Waconia

Tim Sundby, Water Resource Program Analyst, Carver County
Craig Eldred, Public Services Director, City of Waconia

Towerside District Stormwater System: How a Minneapolis neighborhood set the stage for stormwater innovation

Richard Gillyard, Architect; President, Prospect Park 2020 Inc.
Marcy Bean, Capitol Project and Stewardship Specialist, Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

Pretreatment Practices for Bioretention: Capture of Sediment and Gross Solids

Andy Erickson, Research Associate, Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory at the University of Minnesota

Lakes, Rivers, & Habitat Restoration Track

Hall’s Island and Scherer Site Reconstruction: Planning, Community Engagement, and Design

Jon Duesman, Project Manager, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Marcy Bean, Capitol Project and Stewardship Specialist, Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
Kurt Leuthold, CE, Barr Engineering Company

Collaborating to Achieve Multiple Benefits of Water Resource and Transit Investments

Laura Jester, Administrator, Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission
Laura Scholl, Associate Director, Metro Blooms
Lisa Goddard, Project Manager, Surface Water & Sewer Division of Minneapolis Public Works

Normandale Lake Water Quality Improvement Project: Public Outreach for a Technical (and Highly Visible) Project

Erica Sniegowski, Projects and Program Coordinator, Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
Steve Gurney, Water Resources Specialist, City of Bloomington

Campus Greening through Alternative Stromwater Compliance and School Community Engagement

Diana Preisen, Community Forestry Specialist, Tree Trust
Andy Schilling, South Washington Watershed District

Thompson Lake Contaminated Sediment Removal and Stormwater Improvement

Joe Barten, Administrator, Lower Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization
Cathy Undem, Environmental Assessment and Remediation Program, Dakota County
Josh Peterson, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Dakota County

Groundwater Track

PFAS in East Metro Water Supplies: A Long Story

James Kelly, Manager, Environmental Surveillance and Assessments, Minnesota Department of Health

Sustainability of Source-Water Supply – City of Rochester

John Greer, Senior Hydrogeologist, Barr Engineering Company
Todd Osweiler, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, Rochester Public Utilities

Irrigation Efficiency in Woodbury – Efforts to Conserve Groundwater

Kristin Seaman, Environmental Resources Specialist, City of Woodbury

Reuse of Stormwater – Conserving Surface and Groundwater in the Rice Creek Watershed


Tim Olson, Water Resources Project Manager, Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Beth Carreno, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Rice Creek Watershed District

Nudging Minnesota Citizens Toward Water Conservation

Carmelita Nelson, Water Conservation Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Britt Gangeness, Senior State Program Administrator, MPCA

Lightning Round

2019 Water Summit Lightning Round